South Marston Ghost Stories

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South Marston Ghost Stories

Acorn Bridge Ghost Story

Acorn Bridge Ghost Story This story was "My father was cycling back home to Bourton late one night and was approaching Acorn Bridge. The bridge had been built to carry the main railway line to London over the river Cole. It had two arches, as it does today, [...]

Haunting of Nightingale Farm

Haunting of Nightingale Farm The family at Nightingale Farm have been witnessing poltergeists for over 30 years. Mysterious noises, moving furniture and flying forks are just some of the things they have put up with from this mischievous spirit. On one occassion, a workman called in to treat [...]

The Post Office Phantom

The Post Office Phantom The postmistress of the South Marston sub-post office and her partner have been visited by more than people just wanting to post a letter! According to a report dated 1997, the couple had moved into their new home a year earlier and almost immmediately [...]

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