Haunting of Nightingale Farm

The family at Nightingale Farm have been witnessing poltergeists for over 30 years. Mysterious noises, moving furniture and flying forks are just some of the things they have put up with from this mischievous spirit.

On one occassion, a workman called in to treat timbers in the 500 year old house fled in terror when he heard voices as he worked alone.

To try and rid themselves of their ghostly resident the family called upon the services of an Anglican priest who performed an exorcism. Although initially successful the ghost returned after a short interval and it is still making it’s presence felt at the farm to this day.

The latest evidence that the ghost is still around came when the poltergeist caused a plate to fly off the wall in the dining room, followed by a mirror which leapt off the wall, hit the occupier on the hand, and shattered into a thousand pieces.