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This survey covers all graves up to the year 1900, any internments after that date will not be included.

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wdt_ID Surname Inscription on Headstone
1 Adams In loving memory of James Adams who died April 14 1859 in his 39th year and was interred in the cemetery of the Old British School, Highworth. In loving memory of Mary, wife of James Adams born June 12 1818 died January 18 1903
2 Alexander In loving memory of Ellen the wife of Albert Alexander died September 30 1881 aged 33. Also Mary Ann second wife of the above who died January 17 1903 aged 54
3 Archer In loving memory of Ardrest son of John and Sarah Archer who was accidentally drowned while bathing in the Thames near Hannington Bridge. July 8 1884 aged 19 years 10 months. Also Sarah Ann wife of John Archer who died May 5 1910 aged 83
4 Barber
5 Barber In memory of Henry Baptiste son of Joseph and Mary Barber who died December 3 1883 aged 34. Also of Sarah Barber who died July 23 1888 aged 43
6 Barnes In loving memory of Ann Barnes who d.t.l. July 28 1890 aged 74 years. Also John Barnes who died April 27 1896 aged 68
7 Barrett In remembrance of Lydia Jane Barrett who died September 19 1881 aged 50 years. Also Joseph Barrett the husband of the above who died June 19 1895 aged 66.
8 Boulton John Boulton died August 1st 1881 aged 70 years. Also Elizabeth died August 14 1907 aged 82
9 Bridge Sacred to the memory of John Bridge who d.t.l. January 21 1891 aged 88. Also of Ann Winifred wife of the above who d.t.l. January 21 1881 aged 75
10 Brunsden Charles Brunsden fell asleep May 1899 aged 48 years