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This survey covers all graves up to the year 1900, any internments after that date will not be included.

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wdt_ID Surname Inscription on Headstone Other Location
1 Allen Near this place lie Thomas Allen and Susanna his wife. He died March 1 1724. She died Feb 10 1741
2 Anderson Sacred to the memory of Margaret, wife of William Anderson, who departed this life June 19 1833 aged 36. She was a native of Ireland
3 Angell John Angell who departed this life August 12 1846 aged 71. Jane, wife of the above who departed this life March 21 1855 aged 71
4 Anns Near this place lie the remains of Benjamin Anns who died March 12 1807 aged 89.. Also Elizabeth his wife who died June 4 1806 aged 90 years
5 Anns To the memory of the three sons of Benjamin and Elizabeth Anns. John died Jan 18 1813 aged 56. Richard died Sept 1 1820 aged 59. Thomas died May 7 1829 aged 80
6 Ansell To the memory of Ann, wife of John Ansell who departed this life June 9 1802 aged 67. John Ansell died Jan 22 1822 aged 90
7 Avenall Ann daughter of Thomas and Louisa Avenall died Dec 26 1729 in the 22nd year of her life
8 Aylett In memory of William son of William and Mary Aylett who died April 20 1765 aged 12 years. Also William who died April 25 1765 aged 10 years
9 Baker In memory of Anne Baker who died Aug 5 1861 aged 15
10 Baker Here lieth the body of Joseph Baker of Sevenhampton who died April 10 1730 aged 60 years