Haunted Level Crossing of Cricklade Road

The Cricklade Road Crossing has been the scene of a number of haunting incidents said to have arisen from accidents which had occurred there during the operation of the Highworth branch line. Accident black spots such as this are said to be related to geophysical energies.

The crossing is said to be haunted by the ghosts of a man and a woman who were apparently run down by a late train during the first years of the line’s operation. Unfortunately, there seems to be no evidence which would confirm this story.

Although there is some uncertainty about the previous story, certainly one Saturday evening in the summer of 1917 Mr George Hubbard, the crossing keeper on duty that evening, was opening the gates of the level crossing to allow the train to go across the road. He was struck by the locomotive which crushed him between it and the gate killing him instantly. It may be that any ghost seen here could be his.

A further tale relating to this place was recently told by a long term resident of Highworth. The story goes that a retired colonel had a large white horse, and proud of his animal he reckoned it could jump any height. Returning home somewhat the worse for wear he was told by the crossing keeper that they would not open the gates for him. Annoyed by the keeper’s response he backed the horse away from the gates, set it at them, and went for it. Unfortunately for the Colonel, the horse stumbled and threw the rider killing him outright. His ghost is also said to haunt the spot.